Zicom SaaS offers an array of security services at attractive monthly or annual fees. We offer security managed services with three levels of security – Security Hardware, Remote Monitoring, Remote Response – all built into a holistic End-to-End Security Solutions. Our services include:


In today's increasingly hectic work environment, it’s difficult to monitor your Fire Alarm System. Zicom solves this problem by staying connected to a 24 x 7 Zicom Command Centre. Firstly, this eases your burden of checking whether your system is functioning or not on a daily basis. Secondly, it saves you the trouble of being the first responder in case a fire breaks out in your premise. Thirdly, real-time information of a disaster averts the magnitude of the damage. Our e-Sense Service does all three for you.

The benefits of e-Sense are:

  • 24 x 7 health check of the Fire Alarm System
  • Ensures that the Fire Alarm System is functional and operational.
  • Issuance of alert at the initial stage of fire.
  • Zicom Command Centre supervises system troubles and alarm conditions
  • Monthly MIS on Trouble / Alarm conditions
  • Prevention of loss of life and property

E-Sense Service


You can't monitor the effectiveness of your security arrangements 24X7. But we can. In case there is a security breach in your premises, our Remote Alarm Management instantly alerts you via SMS, enabling you to act quickly, and hence, drastically reduces the risk of damage or loss caused by intrusion. That's where Zicom's efficient Remote Alarm Management makes all the difference.

The benefits of e-Alert are:

  • Business intelligence in terms of realtime SMS alerts on Opening/Closing Report of your premises.
  • Daily health check of the system to ensure it works round the clock
  • Emergency Response Management in case of thefts, break-ins, vandalism etc.


Zicom gets you the best in cutting edge technology with e-Watch. A service that encompasses MAaaS (Managed Alerts as a Service). Using the power of internet, MAaaS offers daily remote system health check across multiple locations thus eliminating the user's burden of monitoring and managing the CCTV surveillance system.

The benefits of e-Watch are:

  • Remote monitoring of alerts from Digital Video Recorder [DVR]
  • Daily remote health check of systems across multiple locations.
  • Remote viewing through web browser.
  • Event retrieval*

e-Watch Service


Zicom’s another innovative service, E-Attend is a cloud-based biometric time and attendance tracking system. Based on the SaaS model of low Opex, E-Attend helps managements to view organization-wide reports through dashboard. This means that you can get real-time access to your employee data wherever you are. You can also access weekly / fortnightly / monthly attendance records for pay roll calculations. Moreover, it generates several types of MIS reports for quick analysis.

Why e-Attend?

  • End-to-end seamless automation of T&A process
  • Maintains organization structure
  • Maintains employee muster
  • Manual adjustments (by authorized personnel only)
  • Daily and weekly statistics and reports
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Attendance data report
  • Analyse T&A data using MIS reports, dashboard
  • Get Alerts and view Audit Trail
  • Per user cost as low as र20

The benefits of e-Attend are:

  • Elimination of manual paper records
  • Reduces time needed to verify attendance record
  • Eliminates mistakes in calculating working hours put in by employees and other human errors such as manual re-entering etc.
  • Centralized T&A processing reduces HR and accounting personnel involvement
  • Biometric devices provide with high level of security
  • Impossible for a proxy to punch in and out for somebody else
  • Real Time T&A data availability—end to waiting for endless score of latest labour costs
  • One central application allows for monitoring of T&A data of all group companies
  • Support to multiple locations, departments, shifts and companies
  • Centralized control tool over labour costs and allocation
  • Analyse overtime usage for better control
  • Historical data to analyse trends and labour costs

e-Attend Service


Have you ever counted how many people actually walk in and out of your stores / mall or the facility? In a crowded marketplace it may not be possible for multiple reasons. Most significantly, getting accurate counting of footfalls in crowded conditions -- which is a very important factor for your business, allows you to determine and take many decisions to sharpen your business focus further as e-count can generate footfall reports on an hourly basis. Zicom’s another innovative service e-count is one of the innovative People Counting Solutions. It counts only people and their footfalls for your business premises. It ignores shopping carts and other irrelevant details and comes up with an accurate report. And how! It is done through Zicom’s remote configuration and management of each unit from anywhere in the world facilitated by Zicom’s Command Centre.

The benefits of e-Count are:

  • Accurate counting even in crowded conditions
  • Remote configuration and management of each unit from anywhere in the world
  • Real-time reporting
  • Data stored is encrypted and cannot be tampered
  • Analyze conversions based on footfalls or effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Employee staffing can be optimised based on the customer’s walk-in based on peak and non-peak hours.
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly reporting