e- SaaS unique value proposition lies in the fact that it comes as an end to end solution, without the hassles of owning or managing the system. The customer gets security services that help individuals, companies and conglomerates to secure their most valuable assets and lives and ward off threats and tragedies when faced with unavoidable circumstances. At the most affordable service fees!

The salient features and benefits of Zicom SaaS are:

  • No Capital Expenditure (you don’t have to bear the costs of the equipment)
  • 24X7, 365 days Toll Free Support
  • No recurring AMC charges
  • Free Software Upgrade to all new releases
  • Reduced complexities in managing technology
  • Customized Security Services
  • Enhanced level of protection
  • Remote Alarm Management (RAM)
  • Convenient Payment options
  • Onsite/Offsite Technical Support
  • 24×7 Remote system health check