About us

Zicom the Pioneer and Leaders in Electronic Security, has unfolded its new range of services called e – SaaS
(Electronic Security as a Service)
offering affordable security services to Homes, Housing Societies, Banking and Financial Institution without customers having to own or manage the security system. This new pioneering path breaking services found its expression with the ethos to provide security services in an affordable manner, using the power on internet with cloud computing technology.


e- SaaS unique value proposition lies in the fact that it comes as an end to end solution, without the hassles of owning or managing the system. The customer gets security services that help individuals, companies and conglomerates.

At the most affordable service fees!

Our wide range service are as follows:

  • e-Alert
  • e-Sense
  • e-Attend
  • e-Watch
  • e-Count

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